I've lived in many beautiful places but I always come back to Vermont. In 2008, my siblings and I started a boutique, luxury Inn and we lived the the small business dream (wink wink) for 7 years. Since 2014, I have been the creative director for our design/video team at Dartmouth-Hitchcock hospital. 

I have two kids and am married to a kiwi.  

Design, color, travel, and (no joke) lip syncing  are my passions.  I am also the founder and director of the Cornish Colony Arts Council in Windsor, Vermont and director of Why We Stay, a photography and folklore project which as been on hold since I started working full time. Apparently, I can't do it all. 

I love helping people with their design projects whether it is graphic design, photography, video, or creative direction. Currently trying to figure out how I can produce lip syncs professionally. If you have any tips, please advise. 


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