On my 34th birthday


Last year, I spent my birthday filming and editing this lip sync. I liked spending that day thinking about all the amazing people in my life and I wanted to do it again this birthday.

This year,  I have dedicated this lip sync to my friend Ben. I met Ben on my very first trip to New Zealand and we hit it off. Memories flood into my mind when I think of Ben-- falling in love with Mike, travels, tramps, chats, dance parties, lip syncing, and love. So much love . 

I hadn't seen Ben in over five years when we were fortunate to catch him on his honeymoon in New York City in early July. It was the best kind of feeling to give him a big hug and know that we had been reunited and our futures were reconnected. I got to introduce him to my kids and meet his new husband. 

2 weeks later, we got the news that Ben had been on that Malaysian Airway flight shot down. I know the loss that I feel is nothing compared to his family but I do feel it and more than anything, I feel a great desire to try to be more like Ben. Kind and loving. This silliness is in your memory. Thank you Ben. 

I put all my lip syncs here. They  pale in comparison to the awesomeness of this one produced my best friends for my birthday.