Share your #chadroar moment

A quick note to say THANK YOU for the amazing support, enthusiasm, and energy you people of the world are giving to the CHaD Roar Video. Hope, power, and inspiration abound! 

Even though I have been working with this baby for a while now, a different moment gets me every single time I watch it.

Even buzz feed said, "Full disclosure: I got exactly 0:59 into the video before I started crying." So what is your #chadroar moment? I have soooo many but here are a few:

1:10- the nuance in her performance blows me away! she was feelin' it! 

2:44- just a quiet moment with this cool kid

 0:19- the way she looks right at me

0:25- the little bit of attitude she puts into the line



So watch it again (do I have to? you know you want to) and share or screen pic the time of the moment/s that gets you and hashtag #chadroar  

Let's keep roarin'!