create something

I recently won a year’s subscription to the pleasant pictures super sweet  music library. This is a gem being placed in my lap so I need to take advantage and create…something.

I am going to make as many music videos this next 52 weeks (try for one a week)


This challenge is harder than I thought but I am enjoying the push. It’s uncomfortable to fit it all in but the juices are flowing. I am still not able to create the videos that are in my head (with sets, scripts, etc) and find that I need to make something happen quick but I am consistently creating something.

What I learned: To use the content I already have! I had these lovely shots from Melina at wild and bright photography but I hadn’t looked at them much. My home is my palette, my canvas, my happy place and now paired with a fabulous piece of music, I have something that I can look back on and share and I have more rooms to share!

How to Improve: I need to plan a day on a weekend and spend a chunk of time with the premier tutorials so I can take my editing to the next step but it’s fun to see my style emerge.

Music: Coming Home by Pleasant Pictures Music Club Photos by:wildandbrightphotography Post: Premiere


The whole purpose in starting up this project was to take the time to create and learn and experiment. I felt the week slipping by so I set a timer for 1 hour and wanted to choose, edit, and upload it all.

What I learned: I finished it but hit some snags trying to get it uploaded to IG. But out of all the tips, this one did the trick. I also learned to enjoy the process even if the video isn’t as snazzy as I wish it was.

How to Improve: Although I jimmy rigged a split screen situation here, I’d like to actually have the time to do it better and KEY FRAMES!!!!!

Music: Glitter Bomb by Pleasant Pictures Music Club

Shot on: iphonexr Post: Premiere


I listened to the music library and wanted something upbeat for my first video and I settled on “Splash” in the Feel Good playlist. I didn’t have much time to put the video together so I thought about what there was in the house that might make a cool subject and I went with my daughter’s lava lamp in time lapse. I was pleasantly surprised how fun it was and how perfectly the bubbles jiggled to the beat.

What I learned: I was having a hard time getting the video to load to instagram but of course it was a huge file and needed to re-size so thanks Matt for this helpful tutorial!

How to Improve: There is a lot I need to learn but I’d like to start by making sure I am using all the correct Premiere settings and follow best practices for how to set up and save videos since I am planning to make a few of these babies.

Music: Splash by Pleasant Pictures Music Club Shot on: iphonexr Post: Premiere